domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Why be an au pair?

When I finished my degree of Primary teacher, I was thinking about my future. I tried to find a job in Spain but it's very difficult now. Schools are looking for people with experience but I think: How they request us experience if we haven't got a possibility to work without experience? I can't understand them, but this is Spain!

Why be an au pair? 

My teacher gave an advice: If you want to improve your English, you cannot stay here! You have to live with people who speak this language, go to UK or USA, meet people, meet the country, their culture and you'll learn the best English that you had never thought. Yo haven't got any reason to be here like a girlfriend or someone alone who need you, you are free. 

I was thinking about this a lot and I started to look for a job and I thought that the best job for me is to work like au pair. Why? I can tell you some reasons: 

  • You'll live with a host family and you'll need to speak in English if you want to meet people. They can help you to improve with the language and I think that they can give you some advices. 
  • You'll live in a different country and you can meet their culture and understand who they are.
  • You can meet other au pairs living near you house and it is the possibility to travel around the country. You can share experiences with them too!
  • You'll be in a real situation all day and you can improve your English in all areas; listening, writing and speaking; your pronuntiation can improve a lot.
  • I love children and I love education.
There are a lot of reasons to be an au pair and this is my situation; I need to improve my English because I want to be the best English teacher for my students in Spain.  I would like to meet people living near my host family and travel around the country. 

miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014


This is my new space where I'm going to show you my experience like Au Pair in Esher. First of all, I'm sorry if I make mistakes in my writing, my level of English is not high. I want to write in English all posts but I will write the same post in Spanish. I think that it could be very useful for me. 

I've got another blog about literature and you can see it if you are interested, I'll put a banner to be redirected to the blog. Thanks to the other blog, I thought that it could be a good idea to make a blog and write about this great experience (I hope it) and suddenly I wrote to my host family. I wanted to know their opinion and they told me that it could be fantastic, they're going to help me (thanks family).

In this blog you're going to see all the things that I will do like au pair (I promise you I will take photos and I will upload it), the places that I'll meet, other au pairs, my host family, etc. I will try to write at least 2 or 3 times a week, I promise you. 

This blog can be very useful for other au pairs and for people who want to be an au pair in the future. If you want to know my experience this is your blog.

Este es mi nuevo espacio donde voy a enseñaros mi experiencia como Au Pair. Primero que todo, lo siento si hago faltas a la hora de escribir, mi nivel de inglés no es muy alto. Quiero escribir todos los posts en inglés, pero pondré el mismo post en castellano. Creo que esto puede ser muy útil para mi. 

Tengo otro blog sobre literatura que podéis ver si estáis interesados. Voy a poner un banner redireccionado al blog. Gracias al otro blog, pensé que podía ser una buena idea hacer un blog y escribir sobre esta gran experiencia (espero) y de repente le escribí a mi familia, quería saber su opinión y me dijeron que podía ser fantástico, además me van a ayudar (gracias familia).

En este blog vas a poder ver todo lo que haré como au pair (prometo hacer fotos y subirlas), los lugares que voy conociendo, otros au pairs, mi familia, etc. Intentaré escribir al menos 2 o 3 veces a la semana. lo prometo. 

Este blog puede ser útil para otros au pairs y para gente que quiere ser au pair en un futuro. Si quieres conocer mi experiencia, este es tu blog.