domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2014

Pictures from Esher; full of nature!


I'm so tired because we went to London today to go shopping. But I have to write because I should show you a little part of Esher.

I want to show you some pictures about Esher. I told you that this is full of nature and you can see it in those pictures. It's fantastic!

 All that you can see is close to my house and I went with my host family because my host mum want that I go with the kids to run or ride a bike once or twice a week and this will be the way to run or ride a bike. 

They love this place and the told me that they make sometimes parties here like a birthday. I think that it's amazing because you are in the middle of the forest with your friends, family and all the powerful of nature! 

 I'm not sure if this place has got a name but I asked my kids if it has got a name and they told me that it hasn't got a name. I will try to find information about this place. 

Tomorrow I'm going to go jogging with an au pair and we can start to enjoy in this place.

Hope you enjoy with my pictures! Good night and have a good week! I will come back early!

3 comentarios:

  1. I'm glad you are enjoying your stay! In the pictures it seems a wonderful place, you're really lucky! Great post!

  2. La verdad q es precioso. Disfrutarlo mucho!!