martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

In Esher!!


I'm sorry because I couldn't write a post before. This is my 3rd day in Esher. Esher is a little town near London (30 minutes aprox.) and I fell in love when I saw the streets; it's all full of nature!!

It was the first time I have flown and I was very nervous. I couldn't find the place where I had to go but finally I had to ask to a boy and he told me the place. The flight was very good but it was like a fridge, the air conditioning was very high!! 

When I arrived to Gatwick Airport (London) I saw my host family waiting me. We went home and when I saw the house, I couldn't speak, it's awesome!!! 

I have to tell that my host family are very good to me, they always say "thank you" and they try to help me. I will write another post explaining how they are, I'm only here 3 days but I think that I know how they are. 

I met other au pairs living close to my house or not closed because Maria lives far from my house (45 minutes walk). Next Friday night we're going to go out to meet all the au pairs and to meet all the beautiful places of Esher. 

I'm going to say goodbye because I have to write a post in the other blog and I'm so tired! 


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  1. Jose!!! Me alegro que haya ido super bien. Ya nos contarás que tal con los demás au pair. Un besico!